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Summer Staging

Summer Staging


Q&A with Mary Noone

of Trent & Co.


Question: I have heavy velvet couches in my living room and I’m trying to make it look more like summer, any suggestions?

Mary: We get this a lot in staging, even with our own inventory, many people have favorite wool chairs or heavy carpets they can’t part with. Our best secrets to lightening any room for summer are white accessories and a great sisal rug. Use shades of white pillows on any thick fabric, dark leather or heavy piece of furniture and it will transform your look in minutes. Don’t be afraid to use texture either, even a fuzzy white pillow can cool down a heavy fabric.  Our second trick is the sisal rug, we use them all the time in place of darker oriental rugs or heavy wool carpets. The transformation a simple rug and white pillows can make for a room is amazing.


Question: My basement is such a dark room in the summer, what’s the best way to make it feel more like summer?

Mary: It’s amazing what a splash of color can do to a room.  The bolder, the better. In the case of this dark basement, we added pink and orange to get that crisp summer feel in a lower level that doesn’t get enough light.  Even with prints and textures, the bolder the better!  Printed pillows in a bright color story can brighten any dreary room.


Question: What room is the most important room when it comes to summer staging?

Mary: When highlighting a home in the summer, any and every outdoor space counts! People want to visualize where they’ll be outdoors and enjoy an evening glass of wine or a good summer book.  Even the strangest little outdoor nooks count when listing your home in the summer.  A stairwell, a small balcony, there’s always a way to find that hint of outside and spell it out for customers. We’ve added benches to stairwells, the table for 1 on an outdoor fire escape, a ledge with herb plants to see where your garden plants flourish. It’s important to highlight any and all outdoor.


Question: What are some key things to remember when staging outdoor areas?

Mary: When you actually have a true outdoor patio space to work with, this is the best place to add prints! Even if you prefer that beachy white look to your pool side or roof deck, add a bold print to freshen the look for summer. Bold colors in a bold print can take your outdoor space to the next level.  Also, it’s worth it to power wash and get your outdoor space showing its very best.  Add a carpet and some color and it may help you get you max dollar. 


Question: I want to keep a summer feel to my home all year, what’s your recommendation for furniture or accessories that keep summer vacation going?

Mary: The best way to keep your home feeling like summer is the use of light woods and accessories. Drift wood pieces or white washed wood can keep that summer look all year long. Even simple frames can do the trick, light colored frames in blues, light wood and whites can soften your room in seconds.   Add light accessories and a pop of green plants and you can keep that summer look well in to winter.

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